What’s the best way to book at Cruise?

The best way to book your cruise is to call us at (847) 651-1416

Is there any specific time to call?

You can call us at anytime.  If we miss your call, please leave a message with you name, phone number, what package you are interested in, date you are looking to book and any other questions you may have. 

How many passengers are allowed?

There is a max of 6 passengers per cruise.

Are children allowed?

Yes, all children under 10 must wear a Portable Flotation Device -PFD at all times

Can we bring our own drinks and snacks?


Where are the stops located?

You have the freedom to choose where we stop.  There are no specified stop destinations

Do you allow tubing or skiing?

Due to certain restrictions, we are not able to offer tubing or water skiing.

Can I request a customized cruise outside of the (2) packages you offer?

You absolutely can.  Call Us with any questions at 847-651-1416

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